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How To: Learn to Embroider/Cross Stitch

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to pick up a new craft or hobby but are unsure of where to start? Are you interested in learning how to do hand embroidery or cross stitch? If you answered yes to either of these questions, keep reading!

I grew up in a family full of crafters. My mom is a quilter and my grandmother is a seamstress, so I learned how to craft and sew from a very young age. One thing I always loved when I was younger was actually making friendship bracelets! I was absolutely fascinated by them and studied many different styles including knotting, braiding, and Kumihimo (a Japanese style). Due to this obsession, my grandmother and mother were always on the lookout for bargains on embroidery floss and thread so I could keep this hobby going. I managed to amass hundreds of skeins of embroidery floss from all different brands, styles, and textures. When I decided to try needle art, I had a good chunk of the supplies I need thanks to my family. However, I know that not everybody has that same opportunity that I do. So, here are a few tips I learned when getting started with needle art that I found exceedingly beneficial to my crafting journey.

1. Start with pre-prepared kits.

Any craft store, Joann’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or whatever you have local, tends to have a wide selection of premade craft kits for all sorts of hobbies! You can also get some beautiful (and less generic) kits off of Etsy as well! When I got back into needlepoint, even though I had all the resources I needed, I still picked up a few premade kits because they are extremely easy to navigate. It literally gives you everything you need including the thread, fabric, needle, and instructions! This is a great way to learn the techniques as well as how to read a pattern, start a hoop, and thread a needle. I do recommend that you start smaller rather than with a larger piece, just so that way you don’t have as many colors or too big of a surface area that you’re not comfortable with yet. It takes time and practice so don’t give up right away.

2. Watch YouTube videos.

YouTube has a great selection of videos not only with patterns, but also techniques and just all around great information. I highly recommend that you watch a few basics videos that explain how to start a project, finish it, and other helpful instructions. All you need to do is search “How to” or “Basics” for any craft that you’re wanting to start, it doesn’t necessarily have to be embrodiery.

3. Practice!

You don’t have to be perfect at something in order to start. New hobbies and skills take time to learn, but the only way that you’re going to improve is by practicing and giving yourself a chance. If you gave up right away because the pattern isn’t looking how you want it to, you’re never going to get any better. Just keep practicing and look for the enjoyment in it. You don’t have to turn it into a small business like I did, but if that’s the goal, then give yourself time to learn and grow before going with it immediately. Take some time before diving into it head first.

Are you ready to start your new crafting journey? If so, I am so excited for you. If not, that is also totally okay! Not everybody enjoys crafts. Instead, find something else you’re passionate about.Life isn’t all about work, work, work. You need something to break up the mundane, to help you relax, and let out some steam. Don’t allow the pressures of this life to overwhelm and discourage you. That’s exactly why I turned back to crafting in the first place, because I needed something to help me relax and calm myself in the middle of the pandemic.